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The ShawKwei Dynamic

ShawKwei & Partners is a private equity fund manager with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

We invest in middle-market manufacturing and service companies operating across Asia.

We have been in Asia for over 25 years. Our deep knowledge and experience enables us to understand the unique challenges faced by Asian companies competing in today’s global markets.

We take significant ownership stakes in our investments coupled with a disciplined and hands-on management of those investments.

Our investment philosophy is to assist portfolio companies to build better businesses and achieve long-term success.

The ShawKwei strategy, methods and practices are specially crafted for private equity investments in businesses operating in Asia. Together they form the partnership between ShawKwei and our portfolio companies.

ShawKwei manages our private equity investments to increase business value by including the following best practices in a partnership with management and key stakeholders:

Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Join the board of directors as well as audit and compensation committees.
  • Identify and realize sustainable performance improvements in areas such as sales growth, profit margin expansion, and asset/capital efficiency.
  • Implement international best practices in business practices and corporate governance.

Financial Planning & Execution

  • Rigorous analysis of recent financial results and operating budgets.
  • Establish world class accounting systems and cash flow measurements for management decisions and for annual audit.
  • Raise new debt and/or equity for healthy growth.

Business Transformation

  • Recruit managers critical to future development and complementary to the current team.
  • Invest in new factories and equipment, as well as divest under-performing assets.
  • Research and execute M&A deals to complement organic growth.

About Us

Primary Investment Sectors

Maritime Services
Oil & Gas Services
Precision Engineering & Manufacturing
Solar Power

About Us

Types of Investment

Strategic growth capital

Investments in facilities, products, or new locations to grow sales.

Debt Management

Creating the right-size capital structure, sometimes by reducing debt and other times restructuring with new debt.

Negotiated placements with publicly listed companies

Friendly negotiated share purchase to support strategic initiatives.

Buy-outs of subsidiaries from multinational corporations

Acquiring businesses from multinational corporations identified as 
non-strategic and scheduled for divestment, and then supporting 
the business as a stand-alone company.

De-listing of publicly traded companies (public to private deals)

Privatizing publicly listed companies to pursue long term strategic 
plans by providing more flexibility to manage the business development, reduce compliance costs , and optimize the use 
of its management and capital resources.

Succession Planning

Buy companies from founders seeking an experienced investor to takeover the ownership and shepherd company to next generation 
of professional management.

About Us

Investment Track Record


Taiwan Listed



Designs and markets notebook computer under Twinhead brand, also manufactures OEM products. Headquarters and factory in Taiwan.

Lead Investor and advisor on two M&A opportunities in the US.





Leverage Buyout

Electronic Manufacturing Services company with factories in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Lead Investor.


Crown Worldwide Group

Record management division of Crown Group, based in HK.


Growth Capital

One of Asia’s largest household goods movers and freight forwarders, serving professional firms in need of offsite record storage and management.

Lead Investor.


International Components Corporation

Private company based in USA.


Growth Capital

Designs and manufactures battery rechargers for cellphones, power tools, and medical instruments. Headquartered in Chicago with factories in HK and China.

Lead Investor.


China Fangda Group Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Listed



Designs, manufactures and installs glass curtain walls and windows using coloured steel and aluminium for buildings in China.

Lead Investor.


SNP Leefung

Hong Kong Listed



Diversified printing and packaging services provider
for both domestic China
and export markets.

3rd largest shareholder.



Hong Kong Listed


Growth Capital

Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider for consumer appliances, telecom networking devices and office automation products.

Lead investor with 1 directorship.


Huge Winners

Private company based in


Shenzhen, China

Growth Capital

Designs and manufactures equipment for the printed circuit board and light emitting diode (LED) industries.

Lead Investor with one directorship.


United Pacific Industries

Hong Kong Listed



Diversified manufacturer of electronic components, magnetics, measuring devices and garden tools, sold under own brand and OEM.

3rd largest shareholder.


Schramm Holding GmbH

Hong Kong Listed



Formulator and manufacturer of highly specialised paints and coatings for consumer goods, automotive parts and steel coils.

1st German company to list in HK.

2nd largest shareholder.


Beyonics Technology

Previously Singapore Listed


Buyout & Privatisation

Manufacturer of high precision plastic and metal components for the automotive and medical industries. Also a contract Manufacturing Solutions Provider to major OEMs.

Largest shareholder and controls the board.



Previously Singapore Listed


Buyout & Privatisation

Chinese manufacturer of adhesive tape for the automotive and electronics industries.

2nd largest shareholder, with two directorships.



Private German company


Growth Capital

150-year-old German automation and production equipment manufacturer. Generates 80% of revenues in Asia.


Amos International

Private company based in Singapore


Growth Capital

Shipping supplies and engineering services provider to maritime fleet operators and offshore oil & gas operators.

Largest shareholder and controls the board.


Chosen Holdings Ltd

Singapore Listed


Buyout Transaction value US$51 million

Precision Manufacturer of plastic products for auto, medical, and industrial customers

Largest Shareholder


Gaylin Holdings Ltd

Gaylin Holdings Ltd

Singapore Listed (SGX:RF7)


US$100 million equity investment and debt restructuring

44-year-old specialist provider of rigging and lifting equipment and solutions to the global offshore oil & gas industry. 

Largest shareholder, with two directorships


About Us

ShawKwei Team

About Us

Advisory Partners

Selected Partnership Profiles

Partnership Duration: 1990 – 2000

Investment Type: Leveraged Buyout

Situational Overview: Flextronics needed to raise cash to retire debt associated with USA over expansion. We acquired 56% majority stake, for US$32 million, in the Flextronics Asian EMS factories and design centre from its parent, Flextronics Inc.

Partnership Strategy: Working with the management team restructured the Asian operations through reducing high cost geography footprints and expanding into China and Malaysia. Separated core business from heavily levered parent. Enhanced revenues by capturing growth from OEM’s outsourcing, and profitability from right-sizing operations.

Result: IPO on NASDAQ in 1994. Assisted Flextronics to grow rapidly around the world, growing revenues from US$103 million in 1994 to $26 billion in 2015, and a US$125 million market cap in 1994 to $61 billion in 2015. Kyle Shaw, SL Tsui, and Randy Kwei were all directors at time of buyout.

"It all looks obvious now, but back in 1990 the whole notion of outsourcing complex, hi-tech manufacturing functions to China was revolutionary. At the time, there were plenty of naysayers.."

Partnership Duration: 1994 - 2001

Investment Type: Cornerstone IPO Investor

Situational Overview: Fang Da is a China-based business that designs, manufactures and installs glass, steel frame, and aluminium frame curtain walls for high-rise buildings. Fang Da was seeking expansion capital to increase capacity to meet customer demand. Kyle Shaw led an investment for a 20% stake in an IPO on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

Partnership Strategy: We introduced corporate governance consistent with international best practices, increased production capacity by 67%, streamlined the balance sheet and established a new business development plan focused on key strategic projects. Kyle Shaw joined the board of directors in1995-2001, as one of the first Western Directors in China

Result: Revenues grew from RMB$64 million in 1995 to $307 million in 1996. IPO in 1995 on Shenzhen stock exchange. Today Fang Da generates over RMB1.9 billion in revenue and is now one of the leading infrastructure players in China.

"Fang Da's curtain wall technology was new in China. We saw that the building materials industry was set to benefit from the boom in construction."

Partnership Duration: 2009 – 2011

Investment Type: IPO Public Market Investment

Situational Overview: Schramm is a specialty coatings formulator with operations in Europe and Asia, and were the first German company listed in Hong Kong in 2009. ShawKwei was initially approached to be an anchor investor in Schramm’s IPO, but declined due to a high valuation, but then purchased a few months later in the market to become the 2nd largest shareholder.

Partnership Strategy: ShawKwei assisted management to expand and grow sales in China, improve capacity utilization through economies of scale, and worked with the management team and board of directors.

Result: After becoming the 2nd largest shareholder and assisting in key China growth initiatives, Schramm was acquired in a US $200 million buyout by Dutch specialty chemical producer AkzoNobel. The deal enabled AkzoNobel to strengthen its global leadership position in specialty plastic coatings.

AkzoNobel paid a 163% premium over closing price.

"We took our Asia expertise and capitalized on the global recovery conditions, normalizing from a difficult period in early 2009 in the automative sector."

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